Client Testimonials

 lovely people. Very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to work with. I bought a condo from them in Pelican Cove Sarasota, Fl.
- Mecapuzzi, Buyer
I can't express how thankful we are that we found you! Your graciousness and generosity which once again were on display yesterday truly turned a very bad day in to an incredibly good one!!,
- Bob

was almost a year ago that my wife (Ellie) and I (Roger) decided to take a week vacation and had the tough decision as to where we might rest our feet for a few days.  As my wife and I were discussing, it came to me that one of my co-workers had suggested Siesta Key.  I remember him explaining that he and his wife went each year and they loved it.  So we made the decision that Siesta Key it would be!  I then happened to mentioned it to my boss and he pointed out that his mother and father lived in Venice and also loved the area.  He mentioned that the Sarasota area was beautiful and there were some very good buys on property.  A thought came to me why not look at some property while we were in the area.  So I went to the net looking for someone that could show us some homes in and around the Sarasota area.  My first few contacts seamed to brush me off thinking we were just vacationers looking for someone to chauffeur them around for a day.  I continued to look for someone that might be willing to take time out of their day to spend with us.  We then connected with  Key Realty and theyseemed to be very interested in working with us.  To make a long story short we met with Ben once we arrived at Siesta Key and he was cordial about helping us locate a home.  Ben chauffeured us around looking at several homes and we found one that was very nice and put a deposit on it.  Sorry to say it had some issues and did not pass inspection so the deal fell through.   At this point in time we had already returned home and were unable to return to view other homes.  We were very confident in Ben’s judgment for selecting another home.  Our short visit with Ben during our vacation allowed us to feel at ease with Ben to select the perfect home.  Within a few weeks Ben notified us that he had found a home he felt would fit our expectations.  With much confidence we made the deposit without ever seeing the home all the time trusting in Ben’s judgment.  Once the home passed inspection we decided to travel back to Florida to view it before signing the final papers.  We love our Dream Florida Home and cannot say enough for the support and service we received from Ben and Key Realty! 

- Roger & Ellie Hopkins, Buyers

Ben Cowley,

"quickly want to say how much Paul and I appreciate your continued interest in helping us to relocte to Siesta Key and to thank you so very much for going round to 1287  Whitehall to check the place out! It really is piece of mind. As long as nothing major happens, we know we have a few "tasks' ahead but very excited now. Thank you for a splendid lunch, we hopeentertain you too sometime... Take care, 

- Diana Wilkinson

Thank you for being the very best realtor in FL!! After some strong consideration we have decided to GO with the 140,000 offer!! We REALLY appreciated your high level of profressionalism and insight you are the 10th real estate agent we have been through and NONE can be compared to you!!! Our very best to your family ESP.  Bandit!! My god bless you!

Christopher Maestri

- Christopher Mestri
We were looking for a vacation property . While vacationing in Sarasota,When we returned home to Canada, we were corresponding  by email. It did not take longto find us a great place in a superb location for an ever better price.   found the place ,checked it over numerous times, looked after all the details, and even hooked us up with the person to look after the place when we are not there.  We highly recommend them to look after you from afar.  You will not be disappointed with their help. Best of all they will save you money.  you will not have to make numerous trips to close the deal.  Thanks for everything.
- Predator2rock, Buyer
You are far, the hippest real estate agent around! Did yu ever think you'd fit that bill? So much fun having you show us the house via Face Talk. So many extra positives about this house that I didn;t notice on my walk through in Dec. So many little upgrades make this a really nice house!! I'm so happy you are realtor and my friend.


- Barbara Chelucci, Buyer
We have bought 6 properties from Key Realty and consider them the best realtors we have ever worked with and we've worked with many. We trust their judgement implicitly,and have recomended them to others who are just as happy with them as we are.
- Bdalgeni, Buyer
We were treated like family! Everyone made sure we found a perfect home for our little ones to grow up in. We love our home and think of their kindness in helping us find it each year! They truly love their's a passion that is rare! Don't miss out on a dynamic team!
- Carrie Travner, Buyer
These are hands down the best (among the many) real estate agents I've ever encountered. If you have ever rolled your eyes at the term 'real estate professional' they will amaze you you by exemplifying professionalism and great service. It is actually hard to express how vast the difference is between these folks and literally every other agent I have ever dealt with. Plus they are a blast to be with and will become your friends after they have guided you through your sale or purchase with a level of effort and results that will amaze you. It does matter who you hire, if you hire well.
- billasharp, Buyer.
We have been working with Ron and Susan off and on for more than two years trying to find the right solution for us. We live in the Mid-West and want to buy retirement / investment property in Sarasota. They both have been great to work with. Helpful, knowledgeable, very patient and honest would be words that come to mind. When we buy in the area and we hope it is soon, Ron and Susan will sell us our property.
- Williams, Buyer
I found a house on the internet that captured my interest, however I was over a 1000 miles away, so I called Key Realty and had them check it out for me.  I had enough faith to buy the house without ever seeing it in person. The house has turned out to be be my dream home, thanks
- Jerrymoorephd, Buyer
"Ana set us up on an "auto-generated" feed on few homes thru your website and I must tell you that I loved that website to the point of almost obsession. I went thru hundreds and hundreds of houses. ....Your website educated me and helped to not waste your agent's time as well."
- Christine Spelman

We were pleasently impressed by Judy Coleman's knowledge, efficiency, energy, thoroughness, helpfulness, pleasentness and patience. We recommend Judy Coleman to any prospective client.

Her acquired knowledge from years of experince was clear from her familiarity with various aspects of the purchase transaction. While knowlegde alone beneficial, its value increases when complemented by professionalism.

Ms. Coleman's efficiency was evident from learning our wants and finding the potential properties that met them thus saving time, energy and aggravation. While showing these properties, her patiencewith our in decision was appreciated.

Throughout the entire process, we were lucky to have a pleasentand helpful real estate agent in the person of Judy Coleman.

Wedad Issawi-Haddad

- Wedad Issawi-Haddad
Because they listened carefully to our requirements and did the research to make sure that we were only shown properties that satisfied our requirements, they didn't waste our time. At every step in the transaction they were professional. Additionally, they are very nice folks. Couldn't ask for more or better service.
- Ronschimel, Buyer
They helped my husband and I find the right house for us back in 2007 and have helped us look at properties for my in-laws as well. They were so friendly and helpful, and always available to answer the many questions we've had as first home buyers. I recommend them to anyone!
- Hanabrown22, Buyer
They are a great team. We currently are looking for a home in the Sarasota area and have both been very in=mpressed at their professionalism and willingness to show us a variety of properties.
- Wendy 17402, Buyer

I don't know how we will ever repay for your efforts and dedication to this process....I will certainly refer you to absolutely any and everyone who is looking for a great realtor in the Sarasota Area.

- Michael N.
the best in the business! We had been working with another realtor in the area that seemed very uninterested because of our budget. We stopped, by chance their office on St. Armand's Circle, and within the week, we had purchased the perfect condo! They have beautiful teamwork together and let us make a decision without any pressure. I will recommend them to everyone who is looking to buy a home in the Sarasota area. And, they are the nicest people in the world!!!!!
- Dianacd1963, Buyer
They were very helpful in helping us find a home. They listened to what we wanted and did not show us houses we did not want. Ron was not pushy and it was accually a pleasure working with him.
- Socgoumus, Buyer
Buyer. They always seemed to have our best interest at heart. They were very helpful with our getting our financing and insurance. With us out of state, he handled the inspection as well as the follow-up on finishing the needed repairs. They were all friendly, cooperative and punctual.
- Cherwad

 Allready purchased 2 condos from them, looking to buy a third. Great people, honest, trustworthy, hardworking and fun too. Give them a call, you won't be disappointed.

- Glendam47, Buyer
They helped us sell our home through a short sale. They did an amazing job as it took over a year to complete. Throughout the whole time, they were a delight to work with. We are so impressed with them, they are solution oriented professionals. They are honest, patient and great people.
- Voices Member, Seller
"Most if not all (Realtors), however, are johnny-come-latelys when compared with Adam Robinson, broker of Inc. on St. Armands Circle," Sarasota Herald Tribune
May 31, 2010
- Tom Bayles, Sarasota Herald Tribune
The best agents that I ever dealt with. Their patience and help were outstanding. They are never pushy and they only serve the clients best interest. I would strongly tell anyone to let this wonderful company to help you with your real estate needs.
- Mtaven200, Buyer
We first met 4 years ago at their office in St. Armand Circle. They kept sending new listing notices for over 3 years . When the time finally came that we were ready to locate a property, they were there for us. We did not find our property until the second day and he was very efficient and professional throughout the entire process.  More importantly he was very helpful after the purchase offer was accepted. We were 3,000 miles from our home and knew no one . His recommendations on home inspectors, closing attorneys, insurance agents, Florida Power and Light set up procedure and other matters were invaluable. He kept us up to date with pictures via the internet and phone calls. I can't imagine a better real estate experience than we had, I would recommend without reservation.
- Brumi315, Buyer
They are a VERY friendly, competent and efficient couple who connect well with their clients. George & I used them when we were selling a condo to move to another a number of years ago (we bought the new one through the builder's office before it was built) and now that we are permanently back in Canada, are very happy to be using their services once again to sell.
- Gaduthie, Buyer/Seller
sont des agents très recommandables par leur connaissance approfondie du marché de l'immobilier de la Region de Sarasota sur la cote Ouest de la Floride entre Venice et Bradenton.  Ils ont été de bon conseil, toujours très disponibles, réactifs et professionnels.
- Fsalzado, Buyer
 Showed us everything we wanted to see and others he found for us. We laughed because it always seemed to be raining. The paperwork and closing were seamless. We highly recommend this team.
- Ronjane1, Buyer
They never made me feel pressured or in a hurry. They took their time, answered my questions, and kept me informed. They were always willing to work with my schedule.
- Rrrobins1, Buyer

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